Thinking of moving south to Florida? You're not alone.
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Thinking of moving south to Florida? You’re not alone. Many people decide to pack up their bags every year and move to the Sunshine State. From Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a popular place to move to for people who are looking for warm weather, plenty to do, and gorgeous beaches.

From the sunny weather to the lack of state taxes, Florida has a lot going for it. If you’re looking to retire there or get a job there and settle down, it’s probably worthwhile. Make sure to take your family members along with you to tour Fort Lauderdale, or whichever part of the state you choose to settle in, to make sure it’s the right choice for all of you. In this article, you’ll find a few reasons that you should consider moving to Florida.

1. The weather is usually sunny and warm.


Many people up and move to Florida because it’s sunny and warm for the majority of the year. On average, Florida has more than 200 days of sun a year; that’s a lot, especially compared to other states. There are quite a few hot and humid days in the summer, but those that choose to settle in the southern part of the state will rarely if ever, need more than a light sweater in the winter.

The days in Florida are perfect for sitting outside while you write a letter to someone in jail. Many people worry about writing an inmate because of everything from contraband to guards going through incoming mail. From worrying about what the inmate went to jail for to being a little scared of writing someone who is incarcerated, you should be fine if you follow some safety guidelines. Becoming pen pals with an inmate and sending them real letters in envelopes, not emails, is a great way to help them combat loneliness and rehabilitate.

It’s also important to know that while Florida has great weather most of the year, it has a particularly active hurricane season. You want to prepare for that eventuality as soon as you move to Fort Lauderdale or any Florida area.

2. Sports are intense and plentiful.


If you love sports, playing them, watching them, or just love them in general, then you’re going to enjoy living in Florida. Whether you live in furnished apartments in Fort Lauderdale or one of the other wonderful cities in Florida, you’re not going to want to stay cooped up under the air conditioning in your new apartment all the time. When you’re not in the fitness center or by the pool in your Fort Lauderdale apartment complex, you should check out the many sports events in the area.

From college sports to professional sports, Florida offers some of the best sports teams in the United States. If you’re not into just watching sports, there are plenty of opportunities to join volleyball tournaments on the beach, or if you’re really adventurous, take some surfing lessons and enter competitions.

3. There’s no state income tax to pay.


One of the best reasons to move, and one of the top benefits of living in Florida, is there’s no state income tax to pay. While most US states have mandatory state taxes, Florida doesn’t have state taxes at all. Not only can you live cheaper, have more fun, and enjoy great weather in Florida, but you don’t have to pay taxes in the state either. How great is that?

These are just a few of the reasons you might want to move to Florida. Take a trip to the Sunshine State, and see if you agree before making a final decision.



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