Industrial companies are organizations that produce a lot of the material which allows many businesses to exist.
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Industrial companies are organizations that produce a lot of the material which allows many businesses to exist. Within the industrial sector, there are companies that produce machinery, equipment, and supplies which are utilized in construction and manufacturing. This also includes those businesses that provide related services. This sector of business includes industries that are involved with aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, tools, lumber production, construction, waste management, manufactured housing, and cement and metal fabrication.

Using the business arena of aerospace as an example some of the top industrial companies in this field include Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and United Technologies. These aerospace companies provide some of the most sought after products in aerospace engineering. The same is true for lumber production companies such as West Fraser Timber Co Ltd, Canfor, and Weyerhaeuser. For each of these industrial companies, there are various tools and services which each of these companies needs to succeed. Here’s a list of some of those items.

Case Erectors

Case erectors (or box erectors) are must-have tools for industrial companies. Automatic case erectors/case sealers are devices that convert case blanks into fully erected, bottom-sealed cases. These devices can help in cases where a facility is struggling with opening a case, getting a case square, or removing a jammed case. Box erectors are built to produce more than just a bottom-sealed case.

When a company is dealing with a case, these cases should be reliably square. The hope is that the cases are transported to workers in a safe, easy to operate, and automatic manner. This helps to ensure that the cases are dealt with in a timely and safe manner. When adding this tool to your industrial company it helps to have a case erector that has automated LxWxD path generation, opposing-cup case openings, a robotic pick and pass, active case squaring, and a durable & sanitary frame design. Case erectors are required tools and services which industrial companies rely on.



Another required tool which industrial companies have come to rely on lathes. A lathe is a tool that rotates a workpiece about an axis of rotation to perform various operations. These operations include cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. This is done with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis.

These devices can vary in size, with smaller versions able to be used for jewelry and watchmaking. One example of this includes roof repairs. Some roofing professionals can use lathes when it comes to working with metal roofs. For a roofing project which involves metal roofs (etc. roof replacements/complete replacement roofs, roof repairs) a lathe can help with getting the metal roof to the needed size for whatever project it’s being used for. If you’re a customer seeking a “roofer near me” finding a roofing contractor who can use such a device for your new roof repairs can ensure you get quality work completed.

Diode Lasers

A diode laser is primarily used in the auto industry for joining parts, by way of welding and soldering. Lasers like these are able to melt metals with high efficiency and very precisely. Diode lasers provide many industrial companies with a refining tool when needed. These lasers can also be used for soldering hot-dip galvanized metal sheets, in addition to the joining of various components by way of welding and soldering as mentioned before.



One type of modern machining tool which is utilized in many industrial companies in the grinder. Grinders come in many types including belt grinders, bench grinders, cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, and jig grinders. These devices utilize an abrasive wheel to create fine finishes or faint cuts. Grinders are used in many industrial companies like furniture production companies, cabinet manufacturing, construction supply companies, sawmills, and dimension mills.



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