In an industry that rakes in more than $122 billion a year, as the diet supplement industry, it's important to stand out if you want to make sales.
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In an industry that rakes in more than $122 billion a year, as the diet supplement industry, it’s important to stand out if you want to make sales. That doesn’t mean that it’s hard to make a living in this business. In fact, those giant numbers mean there’s a huge market for supplements and room for plenty of savvy business people who will put in the work. However, you do need a solid business plan and a few little tips that can set you apart from the rest of the supplement-selling crowd.

1. Always be marketing.

You might be familiar with this sentence as it’s pretty common advice among anyone who is successful in sales. All it means is that you should never pass up an opportunity to share your business. After all, you never know who may be interested. In the supplement industry, a lot of people stick solely to internet marketing. This is important and could be your primary focus, but it shouldn’t stop there.

one of the best ways to do this is to have custom business cards printed right away. This way, any time you’re out, whether it’s at a restaurant or a friend’s get-together, you’re armed with the right information. That doesn’t mean you have to drive your friends away with constant sales pitches. You’ll just be prepared when the conversation turns into what you do for a living and how they can find out about it. It’s actually a very common course for conversations. A sleek business card design, custom made by a graphic designer in a variety of business card sizes will make you stand out and may bring in more sales.

2. Pick a niche.

You may think your niche is nutritional supplements, but that won’t make you stand out from the crowd. What you need is a specialty, or a hook, that makes you different. An example of that might be weight loss products for women over 40, or USDA organic dietary supplements. It’s also best to be able to relate to your niche market. So, if you happen to be a woman over 40 who has struggled with weight loss, you’ll be able to more easily touch on specific pain points others in that group can relate to.

There are also plenty of other reasons to niche down. Experts will tell you that choosing a niche will save you a lot of money in marketing. In other words, it’s much easier and less expensive to advertise to a specific group of people than it is to the whole world. You’ll probably be wasting a lot of those marketing dollars trying to reach everyone, but no one in particular. It just doesn’t work.

Many people are afraid to niche down because they feel they may get stuck there for eternity. But it’s not a life sentence! Your business is your business. If your niche doesn’t end up working for you, you are completely free to choose a new one or branch out a little. It’s okay to experiment. Just try to start out slowly to keep from losing your investment.

Offer quality products.


One of the easiest ways to kill your business before it gets off the ground is by offering second-rate products. Do your research and settle on the best product available. First, make sure the products are safe and that they work the way they claim. Try the products yourself and test them out on friends and family before you start buying in bulk.

In addition to quality products, it’s probably most important to find a reputable and trustworthy supplier. Good nutritional supplement manufacturers will provide you with a consistent product, exceptional customer service, and reasonable prices. That’s not to say that you might not pay a little more for the best supplements, but you have to be able to make a little profit. They also usually offer bigger discounts for bigger orders, which is important as your business grows. Some manufacturers also have graphic designers on staff that help with label design so that your supplements look great and have your logo prominently placed. Look for the right supplement manufacturers to make a splash in the supplement industry and make back your investment in no time.



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