When it comes to monthly utility bills, the summer months can be a very expensive time for homeowners.
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When it comes to monthly utility bills, the summer months can be a very expensive time for homeowners. During the summer, most families tend to use their air conditioner more frequently, and in higher settings. While the best rule of thumb is to keep a good eye on your AC system throughout the year, it’s crucial to inspect the full HVAC unit for any problems before the warmer weather begins.

Of equal importance, proper maintenance also helps make your home more energy efficient, lowering your monthly energy bills. Here, we will look at seven ways to save money on your air conditioning system.

1. Change your air filters.

One of the most important aspects of keeping up with regular AC maintenance is to change out your home’s air filters every few months. This is an inexpensive and important way to protect both the indoor air quality of your home and also lower your monthly energy bills. A dirty air filter gets clogged with debris, dust, and allergens. All of these factors affect your family’s air quality. Additionally, the blockage of the filter itself makes the HVAC system work overtime, raising your energy use and causing wear and tear on the machinery.

2. Check your thermostat.


Your home’s thermostat is another area where you can save some money on energy bills. If you have any issues with your air conditioner, check the batteries in the thermostat first! Surprisingly, many homeowners assume that an airflow or temperature problem will require expensive repairs on the HVAC. However, there’s a good chance that a fresh set of batteries will allow your thermostat to gage the temperature more accurately. This lets you use the HVAC less often and at a lower level. This simple check could be the best way to avoid costly repairs to your AC unit.

3. Turn off the HVAC during the day.

Of course, every homeowner wants their family to be comfortable throughout the day. However, there’s a good chance that your family members may be at work, school, or running errands during normal daytime hours. If that’s the case, consider a schedule that allows you to turn off the HVAC while no one is home. You’ll use much less energy and save a bundle of money every month.

4. Turn off the HVAC during (certain) nights.


Many people want their home nice and cool during the summer months, even at night. Being snuggly and bundled up in bed against the comfortable AC system’s air can be an ideal concept. However, if everyone in the household is sleeping, consider how much electricity and refrigerant you’re using while no one is even awake to enjoy it. This tip may be a tougher sell to your family, but perhaps alternating a few nights a week on a set schedule to turn off the air conditioner and crack a window is a workable solution.

5. Get your ductwork cleaned.

Aside from your AC system’s filters, the vents and ductwork also require regular maintenance. Proper cleaning of your home’s vent system is worth the investment, as a professional technician will not only handle the job efficiently but also spot any leaks or other major problems that you’d never notice. Having your ductwork cleaned can greatly increase your HVAC system’s overall lifespan.

6. Consider a heat pump.

Although a full replacement AC unit can be the most expensive option, a new heat pump system for your home can ultimately have massive savings on your future energy bills. By utilizing the outside air during different parts of the year, a heat pump can either work as a heating system or as an air conditioner. Having a single machine replace both units can require less maintenance and lowers your monthly costs. As a modern technology that’s incredibly energy efficient, a heat pump also increases your home’s property value, making it a great investment.

7. Get preventative maintenance.

Finally, there’s no better care for your HVAC system than to schedule routine maintenance performed on the unit on a regular basis. Consider investing in an AC maintenance program that includes bi-monthly check-ins from a professional technician, as well as incentives for filter changes, ductwork cleaning, and other needed prep before the seasons change. For a small ongoing fee, you’ll avoid more costly repairs and ensure that your home’s air system will remain in top shape.



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