Exploring Different Types of Non-Teaching Education Jobs

When you consider careers in education, you probably immediately think about classroom teachers.

When you consider careers in education, you probably immediately think about classroom teachers. While classroom teachers are a major sector of the education-related career field, there are a variety of other options. For those looking for an educational career but not interested in teaching, there are several opportunities available both in the school setting and the private sector.

Non teaching jobs in education are roles that don’t involve the direct instruction of students. These positions usually focus on the administrative and technical aspects of running a school system, such as coordination, communication, financial management, policy development, and implementation. Common non-teaching roles include educational administrators like school principals and superintendents, office staff including administrative assistants and secretaries, counselors, and curriculum and instructional coordinators. In addition, there are other education-related positions outside of the school and administration setting.

Finding a meaningful job in education outside of the classroom can be difficult, however. As a result, you can work with a quality job matching service to aid in your quest. Let’s take a look at some different types of education jobs outside of the classroom.

Human Resources and Recruitment


Human resources and recruitment jobs in education are an integral part of the school system. These positions involve hiring, managing, and evaluating staff, developing job descriptions, and creating policies for employee performance and evaluations. Additionally, these positions might also focus on promotions and transfers, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws, and administering benefits programs. Human resource professionals also play a key role in recruiting new teachers by researching potential candidates through referrals or online advertising campaigns. They help match qualified applicants with open teaching positions within their district. Additionally, they assist with onboarding new hires so that they can become productive members of the educational team.

Recruitment specialists manage much of the day-to-day work associated with finding qualified candidates who will be successful at a particular educational institution. This involves a comprehensive understanding of different types of job postings, including full-time faculty roles, adjunct instructorships, tutoring opportunities, and more. Recruiters typically review resumes and cover letters submitted by prospective educators before conducting interviews over video conferencing platforms or in person if necessary.

Administration and Support Positions


Administration and support positions in education are essential to the smooth running of any educational organization. These roles involve providing administrative, technical, or physical support services to teachers, students, and other staff members within a school system. Administration and support personnel typically have a wide range of responsibilities that may include managing records systems, maintaining facilities and equipment, dealing with payrolls and accounting procedures, coordinating special projects or programs, assisting with student activities such as sports teams or field trips, answering phones and helping resolve customer service issues. They also work closely with staff from other areas, such as human resources departments, to ensure that policies are implemented correctly. Administration positions usually require an additional level of education.

In addition to these duties, they often provide guidance on how best to use available resources for maximum effectiveness in achieving teaching objectives. This type of job requires an individual who is organized but flexible enough to handle multiple tasks at once while remaining focused on their main objective.

Educational Publishing


Outside of the school district setting, many opportunities exist in the private sector. One such opportunity to consider is with educational publishing companies. These organizations specialize in creating materials that help teach students, teachers, and professionals at all levels of the education system. They may produce textbooks, worksheets, online resources, software programs, or any other type of material that assists in the learning process. Working with these publishers can provide a unique chance to interact directly with educators and experts in their field, as well as make a real impact on the lives of learners worldwide by providing quality curriculum development.

Although some of these roles often require some professional training and additional education, they offer unique opportunities for those interested in education but not necessarily teaching traditional classes. No matter if you are a former teacher or education specialist, exploring different types of non-teaching education jobs provides opportunities for building a successful career in the education field outside of the classroom.

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