Fun Ideas for an Adults Only Slumber Party

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You’re never too old to relive one of your favorite childhood activities: slumber parties!

Given the year that we’ve been having, what we all need is one night where we can kick back, relax, and just have fun (without worrying about this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic). With states across the US establishing another round of lockdowns, you may as well try to make the best of your time spent at home by hosting a sleepover! Gather your closest friends (but first, have your guests test themselves and do their respective quarantines), put on your favorite pajamas, and get ready to host a fun night.

Although slumber parties are timeless, there may be different activities that you and your grown friends would like to participate in. If you’re stumped on how to have a good time (that’s classic with a twist), don’t worry — we got your back! Here are a couple of fun ideas for you to throw an adult sleepover:

Host an Extravagant Dinner

During sleepovers, girls just wanna have fun…but first, they gotta eat!

To kick off the fantastic night, consider having a nice dinner to keep your stomachs full and happy for the rest of the night. This doesn’t have to be the host’s sole responsibility. It can even turn into a potluck, with everyone bringing their own respective dish, or you could have everyone in the kitchen cooking up some magic together. If you do the latter, just be sure that you and your friends can manage so many chefs in the kitchen! You wouldn’t want to get overwhelmed!

The dinner of your dreams made include a taco bar, an impressive charcuterie board, or a creative seafood broil. Regardless of the entree, there’s one thing that all these meals have in common: you’re gonna need some good spirits to wash all of that delicious food down.

Whether you’d like to pop open a bottle of wine or create your own cocktails for the occasion, you’re definitely going to need to make a stop at a wine store or liquor store. Places like Joe’s Canal is a great store for you to get all of your desired alcoholic beverages. Looking for tequila to make margaritas? Got it! Need a nice whiskey or vodka bottle for strong drinks? Check! In the mood for a smooth and tasteful wine? Look no further! Visit Joe’s Canal to shop for all of the alcoholic beverages you’ll need to top off your dinner.

Explore CBD Together

It’s likely that you’ve heard of CBD, which is cannabidiol that is derived from the hemp plant. This sensational, natural remedy has had huge success in the health and wellness industry in the past few years. With benefits such as helping with pain management, relief from occasional anxiousness, better sleep, and overall relaxation, CBD is commonly taken to help support mental health. Although it doesn’t give you the feeling of being “high” (which is what THC does, and that’s found in the marijuana plant), it does do a great job at calming your nerves.

If you’ve never tried CBD products, a sleepover is a perfect time to do so! Not only are you with your best friends (so you’ll definitely be in a safe environment), but applying the CBD may help notch up your good night’s sleep.

Usually, when you think of CBD products, these few first come to mind: CBD oil, tincture, edibles (such as gummies), and CBD joints. However, CBD is also flourishing in the beauty industry. Companies like Sera Labs Health provide CBD products for your skin. They offer goodies such as a CBD facial cleanser, CBD facial toner, CBD body butter, and CBD under eye anti-aging cream. Made of the purest organic CBD extracts and natural ingredients, you’ll be sure to experience the phenomenal effects of CBD and the benefits of CBD while enjoying your sleepover. Visit to check out their supply!

Plus, if this is the group’s first time trying out CBD, you can hold an open and honest discussion reviewing how you all felt afterward. If everything worked out great, it would be wise to add CBD to your daily routine to experience some health benefits.

Practice Makeup on Each Other

One of these days, the Covid-19 pandemic will (hopefully) become a memory and we can reemerge into the world. More importantly, we can go out for fun activities again: brunches, parties, and festivals where we get to dress up like a doll. When the time comes, you’ll want to be ready.

What’s one way to ensure you’re prepared for this upcoming marvelous time? Become a pro at your makeup! A sleepover is a perfect time to revamp your makeup routine (bye-bye judgment, hello creative expression!) Including eyelash extensions in your makeup routine is the easiest way to enhance your overall makeup look. A little bit can go a long way, and the ending results are always gorgeous. As beautiful as your natural lashes are, false lashes are always an exciting add-on.

Glamnetic is a great company to shop with while looking for new lashes. They have all of the essentials you could ever need — lash glue, liner, tweezers, lash extensions, lash liner, lash band, and several false eyelashes to shop through. Glamnetic is not only glamorous, but they’re also incredibly innovative. This company has created magnetic eyelashes along with magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lash liner to use for your beauty routines. They’re pretty simple to use too. By using tiny magnets, there’s a stronghold on your real lashes, which amplifies your whole look, whether it’s a natural look or a glammed up look.

Create Vision Boards

What’s better than pulling out a gem from the good ole days: scrapbooking.

Vision boards, similar to scrapbooking, includes pulling together images, pictures, and designs and pasting them on a poster or cork board as a collage. Ideally, you’re creating the vision of a goal you want to accomplish, a place you want to go, or an emotion you want to feel. They’re especially popular during New Year’s when resolutions are commonly made, but there is no wrong time to start setting goals for yourself!

To create these vision boards, you should have the following supplies ready:

  • Posters and/or Cork Boards
  • Magazines to cut out images and pictures
  • Markers, Glue, and other designing elements such as glitter

After you spend time making these vision boards, it would be great for each of you to now hold each other accountable. Now that you’ve set these goals and intentions for yourself, you also have friends who will support you while you try to manifest your vision.

Hold a Tea Party

Before you laugh…a tea party could actually be a fun idea!

Remember how fun tea parties used to be when you were younger? Getting to dress up in fancy clothes, talk in silly accents, and indulge in beverages and cookies with your friends (who were often the stuffed animals hanging out in our room). Now that you’re all grown up, you can still relive that magic by putting on a spin on the classic party. Use some of the alcohol you picked up (mentioned earlier), add some to the tea or coffee, and allow yourself to have a filter-free conversation.

Trust us, you’ll like it more than you think!

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