Fixer-uppers have become quite popular in the last few years.
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Fixer-uppers have become quite popular in the last few years. Many potential homeowners are forgoing new houses and putting their money into old houses instead. It’s important to note though, that while buying and owning your own home can be fun and exciting, it’s also a lot of work. Owning a home is even more work if you’ve chosen to purchase an old house and do renovations yourself, instead of starting out with a new home that’s fresh, clean, and ready to move in.

When you decide to transform an old house into your version of the perfect dream home, there’s a lot that you need to know, and probably a lot you need to learn as well. In this article, you’ll find a few tips for how to make the most out of your fixer-upper.

Take care of your HVAC system first.


Lowering your utility bills throughout summer’s hottest days and into the cooler winter months should be the first thing on your fixer-upper list. The last thing you want is your new home to be freezing in the winter and hot in the summer. If your HVAC system isn’t operating efficiently or your thermostat, air conditioner, and heater are old and outdated, then you’re going to be unhappy with your fixer-upper.

Taking care of replacing the HVAC system with one that is more energy-efficient, and installing a programmable thermostat is the best way to keep the home feeling nice all year round and keep those electric bills at a manageable price as well. You might also consider adding a ceiling fan to each of your rooms right away and taking care of those outdated appliances in the kitchen before moving on to the rest of your home.

Rid the home of all pests and debris.


If your fixer-upper hasn’t been lived in for quite some time, then you’ll want to clear out any debris from the home first thing. Once that’s done, ferret out any unwanted guests such as raccoons, squirrels, or mice so that you can get started on your renovations.

You’ll also want to call in a reputable pest control company to clear out pests such as spiders, roaches, earwigs, fleas, ants, or any number of pests that can make your life and home miserable until they are gotten rid of.

Take care of the roof.


There are many hidden problems in older homes that you’ll want to look for, but you should take care of the obvious fixes first, such as replacing the roof that has probably protected the home for many, many years. Chances are that the roof on your old home isn’t energy-efficient and has missing shingles or tiles.

You’ll want to be sure that you have a reliable roofing service come out and take care of replacing the roof as soon as possible. This will not only help eliminate pests and rodents that might have gathered under the eaves over the years but will also help with those energy bills you’ll be paying also.

Make a decision on whether you want carpeting or hardwood floors.


Once your home is in good repair, and the flooring is inspected, you’ll want to decide whether you want carpeting or hardwood to cover the floors in your house. It’s best to do your research well and determine which would be better for the area and climate you live in, as well as who and what will be running in and out of your home once renovations are completed.

These are just a few tips for making the most out of your new fixer-upper. Remember, start with the large renovations and work your way down to the small details for the best results.



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