How to Plan Your Next Summer Trip

The covid-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on international travel.
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The covid-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on international travel. Although we can’t boldly say that those days are behind us, the future is looking more positive. Many countries have lifted their lockdowns and travel restrictions to allow for easy movement. Moreover, the covid-19 vaccine, coupled with stringent safety protocols, has made it safer for people to travel.

With the developments so far, you should feel more optimistic about planning your next summer vacation. No doubt, planning a trip is fun and, at the same time, daunting. Not to worry; we’ve created a step-by-step guide for efficient planning.

1. Choose a safe destination.


Some countries are still considered high-risk destinations due to the emergence of new cases and deaths, making them off-limits. That’s why you have to be thoughtful when choosing a summer vacation destination. Going by the United States Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) list, there are quite a few low-risk destinations to choose from.

For example, Saint Lucia risk is very low compared to most other countries. The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia, has put stringent health and safety protocols. This country is home to several exquisite resorts, beautiful hotels, beaches, islands, and wildlife. The bottom line is that you can have fun and still feel safe when doing so.

2. Set a travel budget.

Before planning any summer trip, you have to decide how much you’re willing to spend on that trip. A travel budget guides your spending and choice of vacation destination. That’s why you should try to set a realistic budget and stick to it.

Before making a budget, review your finances to see if you can afford to take a trip. More so, factor in projected expenses like transportation, lodging, feeding, entertainment, and miscellaneous costs.

3. Book a hotel room in time.


There’s no gainsaying that making your reservations and bookings ahead of time saves you the stress and hassle of last-minute preparations. Advance travel booking of hotels and flights can save you from unnecessary delays and last-minute disappointments.

Summer is typically a busy period, and if you book ahead of time, you get to call dibs on the choicest hotels and resorts. More so, advanced travel booking allows you to access the best deals and discounts on accommodation and flights.

4. Plan your activities early.

Mapping out your preferred activities will help you plan accordingly. More so, you’ll need to make provisions for them in your budget.

Remember, some activities like spa sessions require you to book ahead of time. So, deciding early will give ample time to make the necessary reservations. If you’re not on a tight budget, you can simply go with the flow. However, some risks come with this. For example, you might overspend or miss out on many fun activities. So, if you haven’t yet planned your daily schedule, by all means, do so immediately.

5. Don’t forget about your security and safety.


Granted that you can now travel, you still need to adhere to health and safety guidelines. Travel safely is essential for a successful summer trip in this post-covid era. Regardless of where you’re traveling, the good news is that there are many ways of protecting yourself and your fellow tourists. For one, make sure you wash your hands regularly. Also, try to wear your face mask, and don’t forget your alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It makes common sense to be on high alert even while having fun.

It’s also worth noting that burglaries tend to rise in the summer months since many people travel. Make sure your home is secure by locking your doors and windows. Better still, you can tell your closest neighbors about your travel plans so they can keep an eye on your property.

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