Planning for a vacation during a pandemic could be tricky.
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Planning for a vacation during a pandemic could be tricky. But well-laid plans, an eye toward safety, and an open mind might be all you need to create plans that will give you a fantastic experience and memories to last a lifetime. If you are considering planning a vacation in the pandemic, read on for ideas and things to consider.

Alternative Travel Options


No one said you had to fly. More and more Americans are making alternative travel transportation plans so they can maintain social distance and travel more safely. This past year brought with it a new interest in RV’s and vans. The COVID-19 pandemic has had people running to Google for places like “America’s RV Warranty” and learning everything they can about the van life community. Many Americans have begun planning vacations that will mean freedom on the road.

No matter how you plan to travel, planning to do so in a pandemic comes with a whole new set of rules. Gone are the days where your biggest concern was bringing enough clothes. These days, masks, knowing state and local regulations, and keeping on top of restrictions are musts for a safe trip. For this reason, travelers or even would-be travelers are weighing options between their wanderlust and staying home.

While many hotels, destination spots, and even tourist attractions have reopened after shutdowns, planning to vacation during a pandemic means calling ahead to make sure nothing’s changed. The last thing you want to do is get your family packed up only to be turned around at a border or mandated to an unexpected quarantine. This is another reason travelers are looking toward alternative plans and transportation.

Concerned with germs in public bathrooms and spaces, many considering pandemic vacations plan to visit outdoor spots and national forests. Instead of heading to art museums and busy cities, they are scratching those plans and opting for trips to the wilderness.

Spicy Stay-cations


Not so sure about a road trip? No one said you can’t have fun at home either. If you need to cancel that huge 50th birthday party or anniversary you’ve been fantasizing about for years, there’s always another option. Stay-cations have become more popular than ever in 2020 as the pandemic raged around us.

By now, we are all pretty comfortable in our homes. Now could be the time to make good use of those home renovations, new decks, spruced up backyards, and more. If this might work for you, find out how mature couples can spice things up in the bedroom at home. You could even plan a stay-cation second honeymoon if you put your mind to it.

Consider taking the time to repurpose a guest room into a tranquil spot that reminds you of your favorite destination. Don’t forget to set the mood with lighting and take out from your favorite local business. With good planning and a vow to stay disconnected from remote work or outside influences, your vacation at home could rival the real deal and be much less expensive.

Postponing Plans

For some, the idea of altering plans, the possibility of last-minute cancellations and restrictions, or even staying home to vacation just isn’t worth it. As much as it could be disappointing, you could always postpone your plans and take a vacation after the pandemic ends. Doing this would give you more time for planning and most destinations and accommodations are willing to offer refunds, reimbursements, or even change reservations for you. If you decide to postpone plans, find a silver lining in it. Consider taking your paychecks where you would have been on vacation and putting them toward next year’s trip.

Packing Safely

If you’re still determined to head to a casino like Site for Shore Eyes, (they have an RV park on-site) you want to pack with safety in mind. Masks, sanitizers, gloves, wipes, and even shields are musts for public transportation. While it’s fine to put some of this in your main luggage, remember to pack extras in your carry-ons. A mask malfunction could have you turned around at security. You’ll want to be prepared for last-minute re-masking.

If you’re traveling with children, be sure to take some stops to wash their hands. Curious kids won’t stop being themselves and it will be important that, while you’re distracted, they are safe too.

Maintaining Social Distance

You can still try those bodyboarding lessons you’ve always wondered about. By now, we all know the general best practice pandemic rules: wash your hands, maintain a safe distance of six feet apart, and wear masks. Following those rules while learning something fun and new could be a great way to bring adventure back into your life.

You know yourself and your travel partner or partners best. If you think you can maintain social distance while walking the shore, collecting seashells, and exploring the boardwalk, and taking those lessons, go for it. Here is another situation where you’ll be glad for those extra masks. Don’t forget to throw extras in your tote bag and to take regular breaks for handwashing. The last thing you want is to get sick on your trip.

Other Considerations

Before you go, know your state’s rules about the return. Many states, such as New York, require a minimum of a ten to fourteen-day quarantine for people who have traveled out of state in the pandemic. This alone might be enough to consider tweaking plans and vacationing within your state’s borders. If not, you’ll want to formulate a plan for how to stay home after your return. You can’t leave for vacation with the fridge full. So this might mean careful shopping ahead of time. Consider items like canned goods and non-perishables. While you can order food online, eating out every night after a vacation might not be practical.

While travel in a pandemic is nothing close to what it was before, it can still be done and safely. The key to making your trip a healthy one is to plan out the small details. Calling ahead, planning for your arrivals and return, paying attention in public spaces, and being open-minded about plan changes will all work in your favor. Happy travels!



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