Sometimes people seem to disappear.
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Sometimes people seem to disappear. In some situations, they’ve just deleted their social media so that they become harder to look for, but are actually just looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of digital social life. That being said, sometimes the reason that people disappear from public view is that they’re running from legal troubles. In these sorts of situations, even though it’s hard to find these people, it’s likely very important to find them.

Whether you’re trying to file for divorce or are seeking to press charges for a personal injury case against another driver, if someone disappears and stops responding to your attempts to reach out, it can be incredibly problematic. While you may need to call in some extra help from an attorney or local law enforcement in order to find the person you’re looking for, it’s still very much reasonable for you to join in on the hunt, too. The following are just a few of the kinds of situations where it’s totally normal (and legal) to need to look for another person that doesn’t want to be found.

Things you should know about children that run away from home.


Although it’s scary to think about, sometimes your child may run away from home. These situations could be triggered by all sorts of factors, from rocky home life to the revelation of their true sexuality or gender. In situations with younger children, even demanding that they eat their vegetables could spark the desire to “run away,” even though it’s likely that those thoughts will be short-lived once your child reaches an unfamiliar place or can’t see your house.

The important thing to remember once you’ve reconnected with your child is ensuring that they know that they’re loved and you still accept them as one of your own. The Bible story of the lost sheep or the prodigal son could be a great parable to share with them to help them understand that you still love and forgive them. A Jesus storybook Bible is a great way to help your child understand these parables, instead of having to adapt Old Testament or New Testament stories to be more appropriate to your child.

What you need to understand about filing a lawsuit after a car accident.


Car accidents often require an exchange of insurance and other materials; however, sometimes an at-fault party will flee the site of a car accident and you’ll have a hit-and-run on your hands. These sorts of situations can be incredibly frustrating since if your vehicle has been damaged or you’ve suffered injuries, it’s important to get the at-fault party to pay for some of the damages you’ve suffered. In these situations, it’s important to retain a personal injury lawyer who can offer you legal advice, represent you as a personal injury attorney, and help tap the appropriate legal departments to track down the other driver. It’s best to go with a local attorney who has years of experience navigating the legal system as well as working with insurance companies. This might mean going with a Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer if your accident occurred in Southern California or Los Angeles. Having local legal counsel on your side can be crucial, and you can learn more about the process by talking with a personal injury attorney during your free consultation.

How to go about filing a divorce when your spouse has disappeared.


Like filing a personal injury lawsuit for a car accident when the driver has fled, serving papers to someone that you can’t find can be equally frustrating to navigate on your own. Thankfully, there are federal laws of civil procedure that you can follow in order to pressure a respondent to respond to your divorce notice and court papers. Certified mail is one common option, although you may also need to use personal service to track down your spouse and serve them their notice and court papers. Keep in mind that even though your spouse is making your divorce proceedings more complicated by fleeing, this also won’t look good in front of a judge once they’ve received the right legal papers and must appear in court.



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