The Benefits of Door-Based Access Control

Most commercial and industrial buildings have some form of door-based access control systems to keep out unauthorized personnel and maintain security, such as those provided by Verkada.
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Most commercial and industrial buildings have some form of door-based access control systems to keep out unauthorized personnel and maintain security, such as those provided by Verkada. But what are the comprehensive benefits of door-based access controls, and are they the right security solution for your business? Keep reading to find out.

Easier Management of Authorized Access


A door-based access control system manages access to a facility or secure area by controlling the opening and closing of a door. This type of system is often used in conjunction with a security badge reader, security camera, or intercom. When an individual attempts to enter a secured area, the door-based access controls verify their identity by reading their security badge and comparing it to a list of authorized users. If the individual is authorized to enter the area, the door will unlock and open; if they are not authorized, the door will remain locked. This can be especially key if there are dangerous or hazardous locations behind certain doors.

Door-based access controls are popular because they are relatively easy to manage and can be tailored to meet specific security needs. For example, if you only want certain employees to have access to certain areas within your facility, you can create customized access permissions that limit entry based on time of day, employee roles, or other criteria. Additionally, door-based systems can be used as part of an overall security strategy that includes video cameras and alarm monitoring. This allows you to keep track of who is entering and exiting your facility at all times and helps ensure that unauthorized individuals are not able to gain access.

Better Protection Against Theft and Vandalism

One of the benefits of door-based access controls is that it provides better protection against theft and vandalism. With traditional key-based systems, anyone who has a key to the building can enter it, which increases the risk of theft and vandalism. With door-based access controls, however, only authorized individuals are able to enter the building. This helps to keep unauthorized individuals out who may want to steal from your business or cause damage.

Improved Safety for Employees and Customers


The installation of door-based access control systems improves safety for employees and customers in a number of ways. First, these systems provide a visual cue to employees and customers that they are entering a secure area. This helps to create a sense of security and can prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the premises. Second, door-based access controls help to keep track of who is coming and going, which can help to improve security and reduce the risk of crime. Finally, these systems can also be used to restrict access to certain areas or rooms within business premises, which can help to protect sensitive information or equipment.

Reduced Liability Risks for Your Business

Yet another benefit of door-based access control is that it can help reduce liability risks for your business. With a traditional key system, anyone who has a copy of the key can gain access to your property, which could lead to theft or other criminal activity. With access controls in place, you can limit access to authorized personnel only, which helps to protect your property and reduces your liability risk.

Overall, the benefits of door-based access control are numerous and varied. They include increased security, improved efficiency, and enhanced safety. By controlling access to a facility or area, door-based access controls can help to keep unauthorized individuals out and protect important or sensitive information. Additionally, it can help to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to specific areas, which can improve workflow and productivity. And finally, by restricting access to certain areas, door-based access control can help to keep people safe by preventing them from entering dangerous or hazardous locations.

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