Ways to Throw Your Sex Life Into Overdrive

Sex is an important part of most happy relationships, and it's important for many happily-single people as well.
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Sex is an important part of most happy relationships, and it’s important for many happily-single people as well. Our sexual cravings tend to unexpectedly grow like a raging fire through adolescence and our younger years, but as you head towards being middle-aged, your libido may start to look more like a low simmer.

Even if you feel like the flame is gone in your love life, there are ways to reclaim the sexual prowess you once had. If you’re longing to return to the days of rock-hard erections and intense orgasms, then continue reading for tips to kick your sex life into overdrive.

Eat, sleep, and exercise properly.


Once you reach 30, doesn’t it seem like every list of tips about happiness or wellness involves living a healthy lifestyle? Hopefully, you’re seeing a theme here, but just in case you aren’t taking these things seriously yet, know that these boring health rituals will also get you over the edge again and again and again…

Believe it or not, the Big 3 for Over 30’s apply to your sex life as well. Eating, sleeping, and exercising play a huge role in your mental health as much as your physical, so staying on top of these is a must, in order to achieve the orgasm of your dreams. Eating right and exercising improve your blood flow, which is crucial to getting and maintaining hard erections in men and relaxing pelvic muscles in women. Also, when you sleep, your body handles processes such as generating new blood cells, which renews your vitality on a daily basis.

Use supplements.


If there’s one thing that’s undefeated, it’s Father Time. The old man strikes in different ways and in varying phases of life, but he never fails to make all living beings feel his presence. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your “love muscle” isn’t performing quite the way it used to.

One sexual issue that men face that doesn’t get as much attention as erectile dysfunction is low semen production. The pleasing stimulation you feel in your penis during ejaculation is caused by the flow of semen through the shaft. If you’re one of many men who want to know how to cum more, then look no further than Semenax for your golden ticket. Crank up the volume of semen by swallowing a simple supplement that includes vitamins and herbs such as zinc, L-arginine, maca, pumpkin seed, and other natural ingredients. Increasing your volume of semen doesn’t require consuming harsh chemicals or suffering side effects. Balance your body from the inside out to create a healthier you, which will, in turn, send your sperm production (and your pleasure) into overdrive.

Throw on some lingerie.


If you’re over 30 and don’t own lingerie, then it’s no wonder your sexual performance has been lacking. It’s time to treat yourself to some sexy basics, including a lace thong, a see-through bodysuit, and even some barely-there sleepwear. The best way to boost your partner’s arousal is to throw on some lingerie – and then throw it right back off. Let your underwear run the show for a night and you’ll see how it inspires stronger erections (and yes, multiple too.)

Sure, you could do kegel exercises while sitting at your desk all day. But wouldn’t it be easier to take a dietary supplement or don a cute babydoll with lace detailing? The best part about women’s lingerie is you can wear it underneath your business attire as a sexy little secret. It’s all part of the foreplay. Snap a pic at lunch and make your partner drool for you all day. The best way to send your sex drive into overdrive isn’t necessarily the most difficult, but it’s definitely the hardest. Increase your stamina the fun way, and prepare for the best orgasm of your life.

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