What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Service

Your pup is more than just a pet, he's a part of your family.
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Your pup is more than just a pet, he’s a part of your family. So, whether you’re moving into a new home or making reservations for a vacation where your furry friend isn’t allowed, he is one of your top priorities. You’re used to your family taking your furry friend to the dog park, and the local trails so he’s a part of the family that can’t be denied. But when you’re moving or going on a vacation, it’s not always possible to find a pet-friendly hotel so your pup can go as well.

While you, of course, are going to try to find dog-friendly destinations for vacations, it’s not always possible. In these cases, it’s best to find a great boarding service to take care of your pooch when you aren’t able to.

While you’re planning your vacation, booking your flights, and trying to decide on an itinerary, take the time to find a dog boarding service that is reliable and good enough to leave your pup in while you’re gone. You want a service that has years of experience and the capability to love and take of your dog the same way that you love and take care of him. In this article, you’ll find a few things you should look for in any dog boarding service you choose to board your pup when you’re on vacation or moving your belongings to a new home.

A happy and helpful staff is a must.


Your pup is your best friend, so whether you’re moving from Scottsdale to somewhere else or have the movers in Phoenix transferring your belongings for a local move, you can’t keep your pup on a leash or in his crate all the time. That’s where the happy and helpful staff at a reputable dog boarding service come in. While the professional movers are taking care of your belongings go to the boarding service and see how the staff acts with the animals there.

The staff should show the same love and attention to your dog that you do. One red flag to watch for is a staff that is constantly frowning and seems to have little interest in your pooch. If they act like they aren’t interested in or don’t even bother to talk to your pet, then it’s probably best to look for a different doggie daycare to board your puppy in.

There’s plenty of room to run.


You’ve done everything you can to make your home comfortable and safe for the pet you love. From placing pet-friendly plants around the home so they won’t get sick, to having the houseplants be eco-friendly and easy to care for, you treat your dog like one of the family. So, when you’re looking for a doggie daycare for your pet, you want nothing less from that either. Make sure that there are no houseplants that contain toxins that might hurt your dog, and that there’s plenty of room to run instead of being cooped up in a kennel all day and night. Customer service is important, as well, but you want peace of mind that your puppy is able to get the exercise he needs to thrive.

The daycare has climate-controlled boarding.


While many pet owners don’t know this, the staff at doggie daycares should. Dogs are extremely susceptible to heat and there have been tragedies in the news concerning dogs that have perished due to no climate control in the kennels they were in. You want to be sure that the daycare you leave your pooch in is climate controlled. Anything less than air conditioning during the summer and heating units during the winter can be dangerous to your dog’s health and need to be avoided.

The daycare has a vet on-site.


Even in the best of well-run doggie daycares, emergencies and accidents happen. You want to leave your dog in an overnight care facility that has a vet that is on-site in case of an emergency. It’s also important that the staff have first-aid experience. It’s scary to get a call in the middle of a move or your vacation only to be told something has happened to your pet. At least, if the facility is trained to handle the emergency and a vet is on-site 24 hours a day, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is in capable hands.

Make sure the daycare asks for vaccination papers.


Since you are a responsible pet owner, you have your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date and the vaccination papers to prove it. However, if the doggie boarding service you’re considering leaving your pet at doesn’t ask for proof of those vaccinations you can assume they don’t ask anyone else for proof either. While you have vaccinated your pup, it’s not 100% that they can’t pick up something from a dog that hasn’t been vaccinated. It’s best to err on the side of caution and not leave your pet anywhere that doesn’t ask for vaccination papers before saying they will board the pet for you.

Ask to tour the center.


One of the biggest warning signs to search for when choosing a boarding center for your pet is a refusal to let you in the back of the kennel. You want to be able to see the conditions of the back of the house so to speak, where the animals are taken to exercise and play, and the conditions they are kept in when they are put in their crates to sleep at night. If the back of the daycare smells horrible, or if the conditions aren’t up to par, you’ll want to look elsewhere for a daycare for your pup. If for any reason your request to tour the back of the house is denied, it’s best to mark that possibility off your list and hunt for another place to leave your beloved pet while you’re gone.

Ask about fees to board your pet.


Every boarding facility is going to be different, just like with everything else in the world. You want a facility that charges reasonable prices, but not at the sacrifice of the quality care they give your furry friend. You want quality care at the best price, so do your research well.

Prepare your pet ahead of time.


Once you’ve found the best doggie care facility to take care of your beloved family member when you’re gone, you need to prepare your pooch for the trip there. Get all of their vaccinations and feeding instructions together and then spend time with your furry buddy before you take him to the facility. Remember, your pet doesn’t understand that you’ll only be gone for a little while, so you need to make sure you reassure him with treats, pats, and love. In this way, he won’t be sad and depressed the entire time you’re on vacation, but have fun with the staff and have a great experience at the boarding facility instead.

These are just a few of the things you need to look for when searching for a dog boarding service for your pup. Whether you’re moving to another town or going on a week’s vacation, you will have a better time and be able to concentrate if you’re secure in the knowledge that your family pet is in friendly and capable hands.

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