What You Should Buy Based on Your Numerology Chart

Numerology, or the spiritual study of numbers and how they affect a person throughout their life, can tell you quite a bit about yourself and the people around you.
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Numerology, or the spiritual study of numbers and how they affect a person throughout their life, can tell you quite a bit about yourself and the people around you. Better yet, the basics of numerology are simple: you only need a few details, like your birth date and full name. By figuring out the core numbers making up your numerology chart—or someone else’s—you can better understand the effect these universal vibrations are having. With this information, you can make better choices on everything from how to decorate your bedroom to how to care for your body and soul.

Life Path Number


Arguably the most important number in your numerology chart, your life path number represents just that—your path throughout your lifetime. That life path is indicated by a single-digit number (one through nine) or a double-digit master number (11, 22, and so on).

To calculate the number behind your life path, you’ll consider the year, month, and day of your date of birth. Taking each portion separately, you’ll add the digits until you reach a single or master number—for example, December would break down to 1+2=3 since it’s the twelfth month. Do the same with each subsequent number, then add the broken down month, day, and year to find your life path number.

If someone were born on April 17, 1988, their life path number would be 2 (4 + (1+7) + (1+9+8+8) reduced to a single digit). Their life path would rely heavily on intuition and healing, concepts they could consciously incorporate into their life. For example, they might consult their doctor and then browse GleeCBD.com to ease anxiety or physical pain naturally. CBD products like Glee’s promote general wellness through naturally occurring ingredients. By taking advantage of those natural healing properties, that life path number 2 can develop their connection to themselves and the natural world, enjoying the benefits of CBD in the process. Of course, regardless of your life path number, you should always talk to a doctor before trying CBD for the first time so that you know about dosage and potential side effects.

Soul Urge Number


Your life path isn’t the only aspect of your numerological chart that‘s name indicates its meaning. Your soul urge, too, is self-indicative. As you’d likely expect, your soul urge number considers what you yearn for from your heart and soul. These traits are profoundly personal and internal, shared with only your nearest and dearest companions.

This number considers your name, but your soul urge number only considers the vowels in your name for calculations, unlike your destiny or personality numbers. Someone named Anna Marie Jones, then, would use AAAIEOE to determine her soul’s urges.

Anna’s soul urge number would then be one, depicting her longing for leadership and independence. She might make investments in a side hustle or entering entrepreneurship, fostering that desire to utilize her natural confidence.

Destiny Number


Also known as an expression number, your destiny number reveals your strengths and weaknesses alike, helping you recognize what areas of your life most deserve your focus. Unlike the numerology concepts using your birth date, you use your full name to calculate your destiny or expression number.

According to numerology, each letter corresponds to a single-digit or master number. By finding the sum of the letters of your name, then reducing them to a single-digit or master number, you’ll find your destiny number.

Using our example from above, Anna would add each letter of her name to come to her destiny number. Hers would come to four (3+1+9=14, reduced to a single digit), revealing her life’s direction toward stability and practicality. With this in mind, she might use her numerology reading to invest in making a secure home. She might purchase a large room air purifier to improve air quality and create a safer space that’s free of allergens, pollen, and pet dander, or she might splurge on an elaborate area rug to add comfort to the cold tile floor in another large room. Whether she buys an air purifier to rid her home of dust mites or an area rug, Anna would be following her destiny number.

Personality Number


Your personality number is a portion of your numerological chart based on your names, like your soul urge and destiny or expression numbers. In meaning, though, the personality number is similar to your ascendant sign in astrology in that it considers your external personality and the first impression you make on others. In other words, it indicates how you show yourself to the world.

To calculate your personality number, you consider only the consonants within your name. Our hypothetical numerologist would then use NNMRJNS to uncover Anna’s outermost personality traits, leading to three (1+4+7=12, reduced).

This would indicate that others see her as attractive and creative. She could play into this image by investing in a manicure with detailed gel polish designs or the elegant nail polish of a french manicure. Or, she might use this insight to makeover her style in terms of fashion, upgrading her closet with clothes and related products.

Birthday Number


Your birthday number is by far the easiest to calculate—there’s no math required! This simply refers to the date you were born—the “day” in your birth date. Unlike most numbers in numerology, double-digit numbers aren’t reduced when considering this aspect of your chart.

Your birthday number considers your unique talents and gifts and how you can use them to benefit the world and your own life. The day of the month you were born can help you choose a career and even see yourself more clearly.

Assuming Anna was born on the seventeenth of April, her birthday number would be 17. Her independence shows itself again here, uniting with her ambition to produce an impressive work ethic. This may be another area where she would want to direct her spending towards her professional life. She might choose to take a course or earn a certification that will teach her a new skill or otherwise develop her career.

Even beginner numerologists can gain significant insight into their life and personality traits by considering these core numbers and what they indicate about them. For some, this may mean considering how your numerology chart impacts your career and purchasing something to enhance positive aspects like ambition and focus. For others, this knowledge might lead to a newfound focus on wellness or appearance, investing in your home’s airflow, your personal style, or a natural health and wellness product.

Whether you’re dissecting your chart to influence your purchases over time or you’re simply studying it in hopes of better understanding the universe’s influence on your life, your numerology chart can offer valuable insight into who you are, who you’ve been, and who you will be.

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