No matter the industry, every business could use the occasional touch-up.
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No matter the industry, every business could use the occasional touch-up. Salons, in particular, have to do a great deal to keep up appearances. Since interior design trends change and pieces of equipment go in and out of use, salons need to work to stay relevant. Sometimes this means hiring a general contractor for a simple remodel. Other times, you’ll have to get down and dirty with the plumbing, fixtures, and wiring.

Whether you’re installing a new pedicure chair, redoing some tile, or adding extra accessories, there are some renovation tips you should keep in mind.

Prioritize big-ticket items


Any homeowner or general contractor can tell you that you need to address the big concerns first. Of course, you still want a fair price. However, large fixes like a bathroom renovation, new bathroom install, or discharge pump repair are going to cost more than a smaller contractor job. Issues with your drain pump or your faucets spewing dirty water are high-priority fixes. You don’t want your next client to spot these issues.

In many salons, you’ll likely want to address problems in your pedicure spa. When you’re giving a pedicure, it’s not just about an affordable price. The pedicure spa chair itself needs to reflect style and quality. If you’re looking for the best pedicure chair that professionals love, you’ll want to find one that’s built to last. A pedicure chair and its tub should come with a warranty as well, especially if you’re buying in the United States. When you’re buying a pedicure chair, you’ll want to ask about the warranty, accessories, and get a special price on installs. A pro with years of experience can smooth out all of your pedicure chairs installs. The workmanship will pay for itself.

Take a holistic approach.

While your primary workspace is, of course, the focus of your salon, you need to consider renovations throughout the space. In some cases, this can involve demolition. In other businesses, you’ll need to consider additions and accessories. Think of it this way: If you’ve done a great job of renovating your facial bed, foot spa, or showroom but you’ve ignored the bathrooms, it’ll stick out to your customers. Even if you’re not developing a dream bathroom with a marble countertop and luxury bath, you still want to ensure it matches the quality of your showroom.

It’s easy to find the right contractor or project manager, For instance, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, you can Google “bathroom remodel in Tampa” and vet the results. If it’s your first time handling these kinds of installs, you’re going to want to discuss this with your general contractor or construction company. It’s the best way to ensure that your entire brand stays consistent for the next client to walk through your doors.

Budget sensibly.


While you probably have a budget in place, it’s likely for it to get derailed if it’s your first time remodeling. You could get swept up in the promise of a custom bathroom, spend too much on a footrest, or go over your budget for your manicure stations. When you set a budget, build in some padding for extra additions but don’t go beyond that. Discuss your expenses with your general contractor to help ensure you stick to your budget. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time handling the growing costs.

Whether you’re working with a general contractor, plumber, or subcontractor to touch up your salon, you need to approach each renovation with care. It’s the best way to stay on budget and ensure that your business is better-equipped to flourish throughout the years.



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