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Nowadays, more and more people are looking for holistic ways to take their health into their own hands. For some, this means kicking old, bad habits and replacing them with new, healthier ones. One of the more popular products to hit the market in recent years is CBD, which is derived from hemp and from the cannabis plant.

There are a variety of ways to take CBD, from topical lotions and ointments to sublingual tinctures and even in foods. One popular option that’s a convenient way to reap the benefits of CBD is by smoking CBD cigarettes. If you’re wondering to yourself, “What are CBD cigarettes?”, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common questions consumers have about purchasing and using CBD cigarettes.

Is CBD legal?

In most parts of the world, CBD is legal. However, there are some states and countries where CBD is illegal, including Nebraska, South Dakota and Idaho. Wherever you are in the United States, make sure to check with your local regulations before buying CBD products, including CBD cigarettes.

What are the effects of CBD?

There are a variety of effects that come from smoking CBD which many users find favorable. However, many people get mixed up and think that, since CBD is derived from cannabis, it has similar effects to marijuana. In fact, CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive side effects of marijuana, which means that you won’t get paranoid from smoking CBD cigarettes. Beyond that, you won’t get “the munchies” either, as CBD doesn’t have high levels of THC, the chemical component in marijuana responsible for these sorts of side effects.

Is smoking CBD or hemp safer than smoking tobacco?

Smoking CBD is one of the fastest ways to ingest it, as inhalation lets you start to reap its relaxing benefits sooner than other methods. Many people have questions about whether or not CBD or hemp smoke is better than smoking tobacco. This is because some smokers find success switching from tobacco cigarettes to hemp cigarettes and joints. One of the biggest benefits of switching is that hemp or CBD cigarettes don’t contain nicotine. As a result, they can be helpful for weaning off of nicotine and might even help with some of the withdrawal symptoms nicotine addicts often face.

Another reason CBD cigarettes and hemp cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes is that they don’t contain the same chemicals and additives that a carton of traditional cigarettes does. CBD cigarettes contain much more natural ingredients, meaning that when you smoke CBD hemp cigarettes you’re exposed to far fewer dangerous side effects than when smoking tobacco cigarettes. That being said, some of the side effects of being a smoker of any kind do still remain, so if you aren’t a tobacco smoker or already smoking hemp cigarettes or CBD joints, it’s not a bad idea to find a different way to ingest CBD.

How is CBD beneficial?

CBD has a wide range of reported benefits, from consistent anecdotal evidence to case-studies and scientific research. For example, many people report that CBD is helpful in addressing feelings of anxiety and even depression. As a natural option, CBD is thus a great choice for people who aren’t sure that they want to use antidepressants yet, but are still invested in improving their mental health. Many people also find that CBD helps them reduce inflammation and chronic pain from arthritis and other conditions. Studies have also illustrated clinical benefits in people with schizophrenia as well as epilepsy, with medical cannabis playing an important role in a variety of psychiatric disorders. Just like other forms of medication and substances, it’s important to see how your body and physiology interacts with CBD in order to fully grasp how it can help improve your life.



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